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About the Software

Islāmic Text Copier (ITC abbreviated) is an open-source, simple but very useful PC program that allows you to easily copy islamic expressions in Arabic. You can either click the image of the text to copy it, or use hotkeys such as Alt + 1 for ﷻ, Alt + 2 for سبحانه و تعالى, etc. This is especially useful when writing articles.

Originally, I made it just for myself to use to make writing articles easier, but decided to publish it as it would be useful for others as well.

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IMPORTANT: Please note that Islāmic Text Copier is not a code-signed app, and to get this done is too expensive for me, so because of this, it might be falsely detected as a virus. You may need to add the software to your antivirus's Exclusions folder to bypass this. If you get a SmartScreen popup (which you most likely will), click More info and select Run anyway at the bottom to start the app. By Allāh, this is not actually harmful software.


Islāmic Text Copier v4.1 Released

21 Dhū al-Qaʿdah '44

  • The application is now compiled in x86 (32-bit) as opposed to x64 in the previous version (this is just because it didn't need to be a 64-bit application).
  • Added Wa Iyyāk as a copyable text.

Islāmic Text Copier v4.0 Released

13 Ramaḍān '44

Islāmic Text Copier has been rewritten once again, alḥamdulillāh! (I promise this is the last rewrite, at least for a while).

It is now written in C++ rather than Python and has a significantly smaller file size which means it should be faster to download, not to mention the app itself should be faster to open, ʾIn shāʾ Allāh.

Also, there's a new text included in this version (سبحان الله (Subḥānallāh)).

بارك الله فيك

Islāmic Text Copier v3.0 Released

23 Rajab '44

This isn't technically an update, rather it is a complete new rewrite of the software, alḥamdulillāh.

As a bonus, there's also a new text included in this version (رضي الله عنهما (Raḍī Allāhu ʿAnhumā))!

بارك الله فيك

Islāmic Text Copier v2.6 Released

9 Rajab '44

  • Added English translations to texts on tooltips.
  • Polished some code.

Islāmic Text Copier v2.5 Released

4 Rajab '44

  • Added ʾIn shāʾ Allāh as a copyable text.

Islāmic Text Copier v2.4 Released

28 Jumādā al-Thānī '44

  • The app now has proper DPI scaling support.
  • Polished some code.
  • Made slight changes to the sizes of fonts.
  • Added more tooltips for some buttons.

Islāmic Text Copier v2.3.4 Released

23 Jumādā al-Thānī '44

  • Updated to use the new ITC website to check for updates and used as the homepage.

New Website for ITC

23 Jumādā al-Thānī '44

The new website for ITC is now live! This means that this will be the new homepage for ITC and you will now have to go here to download it.


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